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Item Scene near Gen. Morrell's Headquarters -- Return of the Working Party from Trenches. The Northern Shovelry
Item Siege of Vicksburg - Life in the Trenches
Item Firing on the Rebels from the Maryland Side -- Edward's Ferry
Item The Chattanooga Valley Sketched from Lookout Mountain after Sherman's Victory
Item One Thousand Contrabands Building a Levee on the Mississippi River
Item Rebel Fort Huger -- Weird's Point
Item Defenses on Mount Adams, Tennessee
Item Entering Vicksburg, July 4th, 1863
Item Formal Surrender of Rebels at Roanoke Island
Item General Banks' Camp near Frederick, Maryland
Item Siege of Vicksburg: Soldiers at Work on the Fortifications
Item View from the Tower of the Episcopal Church, Charlestown, Virginia
Item Burning and Explosion of the Rebel Gunboat Curlew, Croatan Sound
Item Burnside Expedition: The Blockading Fleet Joining in the Bombardment of Fort Macon
Item Departure of the Burnside Expedition for Roanoke Island
Item Destruction of the U.S.A. gunboat Hatteras by a Rebel Cruiser off Galveston, Texas
Item General View of Bombardment of Fort Bartow, Roanoke Island, North Carolina
Item Gunboats Commencing Bombardment of Fort Bartow
Item Off Hatteras Inlet -- Portion of Burnside Expedition Arriving in a Northerly Gale
Item Pascagoula Base of Operations for Grants Army on Mobile