The Skirmish with the Texas Rangers on Tuesday the Eighteenth


The Skirmish with the Texas Rangers on Tuesday the Eighteenth


Action packed close-up of battle. Battle of Rowlett's Station.


December 18, 1861


Recto: "The skirmish on Tuesday the 18th between 4 companies of the celebrated 32nd Ill. [sic] & the Texas Rangers was one of the best contested & sanguinary affairs of the war. At one point of the fight, the rangers charged upon a company formed in square which repulsed them with considerable loss. The fight here was hand to hand & among other incidents was the shooting of a Ranger by one of Willich's Germans who hobbled up wounded & tried to dispatch his adversary with a bowie knife. They grappled until the German succeeded in snatching the bowie with which he soon ended the conflict. Both parties fought coolly and determinedly, the Rangers riding up to the muzzles & bayonets of our troops, discharging their shot guns and pistols & then dropping upon the side of the horse would reload and return to the charge. The sketch is from narration by members of Willich's regiment."
Verso: "Missis [illeg]."


Vertical and horizontal folds; dog ears and loss of paper at corners and left margin; curious effect on the back of the paper, which seems to have been in contact with a piece of newspaper.


Graphite on wove paper


10 x 14 in.


Graphite drawings--American--1860-1870


37.2628306, -85.8883043


Original drawing location: CW-FHS-KY-12/18/61 (Box 8.)


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Schell, Francis H., 1834-1909, “The Skirmish with the Texas Rangers on Tuesday the Eighteenth,” The Becker Collection, accessed April 23, 2024,