The Squirrel Rifles - A Sketch at the Depot at Xenia, Ohio


The Squirrel Rifles - A Sketch at the Depot at Xenia, Ohio


Highly rendered close up scene.



September 9, 1862


Recto: "The Squirrel Rifles. // Note: Farmers in their working clothes. Rifles distinguished by Ramrod being longer than barrel. Quilts rolled up and strapped to the back by ropes, also some carpet arks, powderhorn, small balled & hunting pouch on right. Haversack of striped cloth on left. Soldiers shouting from car windows."
Verso: "Cincinnati. Sunday I can give on the rough sketches and character of proceedings, everybody seems to be as in a wild dream, unable to realize the exact state of affairs, the city is full of the [cancelled: most] strangest sights. I shall keep my pencil going and you can select. I secured passes but I am sadly in want of a horse I probably shall have to get my war steed from the country. An attack is expected, Gen. Wallace has taken the filed on the Kentucky shore. There must be 40 or 50,000 men here, about 10,000 squirrel rifles. Altogether the most stirring times, I have seen yet. I am on the watch and hope to be able to give you a pretty good idea of the situation during this week [signed] Henri Lovie, Walnut St. House - Cincinnati."


Loss of paper at all but upper left corner; dog ear and rip at upper left; vertical and horizontal folds.


graphite on wove paper


9 x 14 in.


Graphite drawings--American--1860-1870


39.6847822, -83.9296526


Original drawing location: CW-HL-OH-9/5/62 (Box 5.)


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Lovie, Henri, “The Squirrel Rifles - A Sketch at the Depot at Xenia, Ohio,” The Becker Collection, accessed October 25, 2020,